What our customers are saying about OmnisTools
Specialty Solid Waste & Recycling, Sunnyvale, CA

“We recently implemented the Omnis tracking software safety program created by Omnis Tools Technology. The software safety training promotes 1:1 communication between the supervisors and employees, which has lowered our insurance premiums by 30%.  We are now able to keep our drivers safer and prevent future injury and cost to our company.  Our data is stored in the cloud, which allows our supervisors to retrieve our data from out in the field anywhere anytime. As a result, communication is better and we are more efficient.”

Jerry Nabhan
General Manager

“OmnisTools makes our company more responsive to customer needs by enabling field supervisors to take pictures of any issue, then email them back to our customer service reps in the office, for a quick resolution. Reducing delays and fines is critical. This tracking process improves the collection process and customer satisfaction.”

Rebecca Buldo
Operations Manager

A G Ferrari  Foods

“By using Omnis Software throughout our chain of stores, we saw significant reductions in claims within the first year of use. The software tracks our data daily, which allows us to see trends and patterns with our own data.  Upon review of these trends, we can circumvent financial and employee risks that ultimately saves the company money.  The software gave our managers the tool to become better managers while improving communication within the organization.”

“We are very grateful for such improvements in a very short time.”

Patricia Saucy
CFO, A.G. Ferrari Foods

Garden City Sanitation, San Jose CA

“Omnis Software provides accountability to supervisors out in the field. It has helped us keep our costs down and sustainable.  It is simple and easy to use.  Communication with our supervisors, employees and management has significantly improved.  Past information is easy to access from anywhere.  It helps document work for safety compliance.  It’s a great software tool.”

David Calegari
Operations Manager