OmnisTools predictive analytics software tracks efficiencies from anywhere. Complete a company form, photo, or video documentation, save and email to anyone instantly. Analyzes data to show trends, identifies leading indicators, and directs you to the root cause, preventing future problems. This end-to-end solution works for all heavy industries. It is easy to use for all workers, regardless of education level or technology experience, from wherever they are. You can use any browser on any web-enabled phone, tablet, or computer.

Manage all company data in one place. Track new data and retrieve previous records in the field. Export or import data through OmnisTools secure server (PDF, Excel, CSV, XML).

Complete, end-to-end software solution for heavy industries. Integrates seamlessly with a tablet as an electronic clipboard. Easy for all workers in the field. Accessible from any web-enabled device or computer.

Direct communication from field worker to supervisor to management–and back again. Workers voice concerns instantly, management responds quickly.

Using OmnisTools daily delivers company-wide change. Poor habits are transformed into industry best practices. Accountability is measured at every level.

Records are easily accessed to quickly determine trends, leading indicators, and the root causes of accidents and other problems. Risk is minimized, injuries and claims are reduced.

Document activities to help prevent OSHA claims and fines. Compliance is proven, insurance premiums are lower.

Fleet vehicle record keeping for DOT compliance. Shoot pre- and post-trip video and save on our secure site. Send damage photos to the shop. Reduce legal liabilities and insurance claims.

Save money. Productivity and morale go up—overtime, claims, premiums, and other costs go down. Enhance communications immediately and dramatically. Management relations improve.

Heavy Industry Solutions


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Agriculture / Food Safety


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What our customers are saying about OmnisTools

“Omnis Software provides accountability to supervisors our in the field. It has helped us keep our costs down and sustainable. It is simple and easy to use. Communication with our supervisors, employees and management has significantly improved. Past information is easy to access from anywhere. It helps us document work for safety compliance. It’s a great software tool.”

David Calegari, Operations Manager, Garden City Sanitation, San Jose

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